Finding the Perfect Wedding Theme

, By: Drew Leahy

Here at SnapSuits, we know how busy wedding season can get. With so many friends getting married within a few months, you may have been thinking about how to make your wedding different from the rest.

The first key to picking the perfect theme is the easy part - choose something that's meaningful to you and your partner. Having a themed wedding is the perfect way to show off what makes you and your partner unique, and you've got endless choices. Maybe you both love the outdoors, share a favorite movie, or both have a sense of wanderlust. Whatever it is, sharing a part of your relationship will make your wedding truly memorable.

The second part is the really fun part - think about how you'd design your dream wedding around the theme. How could your theme play into your decorations, dresses and suits, invitations, food, music, and every other part of your wedding? Some couples like over the top themes, and others like a subtler theme. The important part isn't about how obvious your theme is, but having your theme reflect your most authentic selves. If it feels right to you, your guests will love it.

Looking for some inspiration? We found some fun, creative themes to get you started.

Festival Theme

Snapsuits wedding festival

This couple loves music festivals and found a simple way to share this with their guests.

Music Festival Theme Quick Tips:

  1. Choose a favorite artist or album for each table
  2. Use a vinyl record guestbook
  3. Send festival passes as your invitations

Garden Theme

snapsuits wedding garden theme

The garden theme is growing more and more popular, and it's not hard to see why.

Quick Tips for a Garden Theme

  1. Fill the aisle with flower petals
  2. Add greenery to the chandeliers
  3. Get a cake with edible flowers

Book Theme

wedding snapsuits book flowers


Love reading with your partner? Consider having a book themed wedding

Book Theme Quick Tips:

  1. Start your vows with a quote from your favorite book
  2. Create centerpieces from stacks of classic novels
  3. Bring a typewriter for guests to add pages to the guestbook

No matter what wedding theme you choose, SnapSuits will help you get married in style. Check out our blog for more wedding tips and style advice!