What Style Watch To Wear To Your Wedding

, By: Eric A

Watches are a great addition to any suit, but picking the right one can be confusing. Divers, automatics, chronographs, quartz, pilots, swiss - what does it all mean?

Picking a watch for a wedding is simpler than you might think, because most options are a better fit for other occasions. The right wedding watch should show off your sense of style in a subtle way, and there's only one type of watch that truly does that: the traditional white-face watch. Whether you go with quartz or automatic, leather strap or NATO strap, and a simple movement or chronograph, a white-face watch will always look great for a wedding.

Snapsuits watch 1

Of course, the IWC Portuguese Chronograph pictured here is a bit pricy...

But don't fret - there are plenty of great looking watches for any budget. We picked out some of the best brands for each price range as a starting point.

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$50-100: Daniel Wellington

This quarts watch is extremely affordable but looks as good as many watches 10x the price. You're bound to get compliments when wearing a Daniel Wellington.

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$100-200: Citizen

Citzen's Eco Drive line is completely solar powered, so you'll never need to worry about a dead battery. Perfect for an outdoor wedding!

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$200-500: Tissot

The Le Locle is automatic, so it requires some extra care. But if you want to look truly stylish, this is a great brand to go with.

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$500-2000: Baume & Mercier

For the true watch aficionado, Baume & Mercier is a classic brand.

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Striped NATO straps look great with navy suits and gray suits, as long as they match. With a navy suit, go for a white and navy strap, and for a gray suit, go for a gray and black strap.

If you want to wear a NATO strap, you'll usually need to buy it separately and replace the original strap. Danielle Wellington is an exception, and offers some watches with a NATO strap.

No matter what watch you decide to wear, it'll look great with a custom suit. Comment with the watch you're going to wear with your SnapSuit!