Fall Wedding Decorations

, By: Drew Leahy

snapsuits fall wedding sign

The autumn season can be an absolutely beautiful time to get married, and there are so many benefits to getting married in the fall - not only will your overall expenses usually be lower due to venues trying to book for their ‘off season,’ but you can take full advantage of all the wonderful, natural beauty the most colorful season of all has to offer. Introducing fall decorations into your wedding can enhance the experience, turning it into something even warmer, more vibrant, and more beautiful.


Fall Weddings Are DIY-Friendly

snapsuits fall wedding flowers


Wedding decorations can add up extremely quickly, and more often than not, they’re ‘cookie cutter’ decorations that you already may have seen elsewhere. Platforms like Pinterest and wedding websites are great for inspiration, but when it comes to your own decor, you want something personal, unique, and memorable.


Luckily, fall has all the natural beauty you could ever want, and most of it can be put together at little to no cost, and in no time at all! Don’t be afraid to scoop up some beautiful leaves, hay bales, hardy mums, and small pumpkins to celebrate the season. Keep a harvest theme going by using mason jars as vases.

Keep It Cozy

snapsuits fall wedding collage


When most people think of autumn, they think of warm, yet vibrant colors. You can keep this theme going through your ceremony, and reception by using candles for more natural lighting - surround them with oranges, reds, and deep yellows for a color hue sensation that will make people feel comfortable, and welcomed.

Turn Your Decor Into A Take-Home Gift

snapsuits fall wedding centerpiece


Why not turn your centerpieces into gifts for your guests to take home? Your guests will love it - it’s something unique that they’ll be able to keep in their own homes for weeks, and will give them a chance to remember your special day over and over again. 

Fall weddings, and the decoration that goes along with them, can be an inexpensive, warm, inviting, and beautiful time to celebrate your big day. And no matter how you decorate your wedding, SnapSuits will help you get married in style.