13 Rules for Looking Perfect in Your Suit

, By: Ryan Leahy


Ever noticed how for whatever reason, some men look better in suits than others?  This is because there are some very important unwritten, and unspoken rules about suiting up, and we want to give those to you.  Here are 13 rules, to making sure you always look your best, when looking your best.

1st- The most important of all, make sure the suit is tailored to fit you.  Buy a Snap-Suits, and with our fit guarantee, you be already a head of the game.

2nd- Your belt should be on the thinner side, and always match the color of your shoes.

3rd- Always unbutton your suit coat when sitting down.

4th- Only button your top button, and don’t have more than two.


5th- The top button should be in line with your belly-button

6th- Staying with buttons, if you are just wearing a vest, make sure the bottom button is left undone.

7th- Sleeve cuffs should show about ½ inch past the end of your suit coat.

8th- Your tie should AWALYS be darker than your dress shirt.

9th- Just like buttons, suits should have two vents.

10th- Don’t even think about wearing pleated pants, we all know how that worked out for Ron Burgundy

11th- No anti-perspirant works better than having a white shirt.  Always wear a white undershirt.

12th- Keep your lapels thin, and match the width of the tie, to width of the lapel

13th- The tip of your tie should end right at the top of your belt buckle.



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