10 Best Suit Wearing Fictional Characters

, By: Ryan Leahy

     10. Don Draper

Style, class, and a glass of Canadian Club Whiskey.  Don freaking Draper


  1. Ari Gold

Busting into a room, screaming at interns, and looking damn good.  Then securing Vince any movie he wants.

  1. Roger Sterling

Millionaire playboy, world class partier, and one hell of an account man.  With a wardrobe any man would love to raid.

  1. Roger Thornhill

We don’t even think it’s possible to create a suit list without including Cary Grant. The classic move North by Northwest shows of Cary in some of the his most stylish suits.

  1. The cast of Ocean’s 11

The 2000's remake had it moments, but few can beat the impeccable style of the Rat Pack.

  1. Jay Gatsby

Whether it was Robert Redford or Leonardo Di’Caprio, Jay Gatsby has serious style.


  1. Ron Burgundy

With suits so good, he makes Sinatra look like a hobo.  Need we say more?

  1. Barney Stinson

Suit up! The legen- (wait for it)- dary words from Barney Stinson. He has his own tailor, one time he even worn a diamond pinstriped suit.  For 9 seasons, Barney wore a suit in all 208 episodes, including a silk pajama suit. Nothing suits him like a suit.

  1. James Bond

Tried and true, James Bond is a suit and tuxedo wearing master.  Whether it’s seducing beautiful women across the globe, or killing the bad guys, Bond is the epitome of suit wearing.

  1. Neal Caffery

Neal Caffery as an undeniable 21st century style.  Whatever he wears, he looks like a million bucks.





     11.  Harry and Llyod- Dumb and Dumber

   The opposite side of the spectrum... It's a classic, and you gotta love it.



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