Press Release: Michigan Brothers Launch Custom Suit Service

, By: Drew Leahy


Michigan Brothers Launch Custom Suit Service

SnapSuits to Disrupt the Mens Fashion and Wedding Industries

ANN ARBOR, MI (January 14th, 2015) -  Twenty-somethings across the US stand up in multiple weddings a year, and the costs can be expensive. For groomsmen, renting a tuxedo is expensive, never seems to fit right, and is a hassle to pick up and return. Furthermore, groomsman buying suits from department stores or name brands won't have a custom suit fit, and the price is marked up extensively to be expensive.

SnapSuits is a custom suit service to end all rentals and department store suit purchases. With stylish, custom fitted suits for only $225, SnapSuits plans to disrupt the market of overpriced suits and tuxedos, which on average can be more than $400 a piece.

The idea was born through one co-founder’s experience in outfitting groomsmen for his wedding. He hated the idea of renting an ill-fitting, cheap, worn out suits for over $200, or spend over $400 for something from a store. He made some calls and was able to find custom suits for his groomsman at a great price: it was a hit.  

From this simple act of defiance, SnapSuits was born with the sole purpose of custom tailored, affordable suits and tuxedos, delivered to your doorstep in 14 days. The company is out to disrupt the "Mens Wearhouse" and "Indochino" companies of the world that sell or rent millions of suits and tuxedos each year.

The site is run by two close brothers who grew up outside of Ann Arbor, MI. The older brother, 27 year old Drew Leahy, happens to be 3 time entrepreneur that runs a web product consulting firm. The younger brother, 25 year old Ryan Leahy, has experience running a million dollar e-commerce business. Together, the two brothers run SnapSuits along with two private equity partners based out of Chicago who went to University of Michigan with Drew.

"Who wants to wear a rented tuxedo that was used the weekend before, or a suit that is manufactured to fit 100,000 other people?" remarks CEO Ryan Leahy. "At SnapSuits, we give you complete control over the look and fit of your clothing. Our mission is to never have a guy purchase suits off the rack ever again. Most guys don't know that they should be able to afford suits of this quality. We make that possible".


About SnapSuits

SnapSuits was born out of necessity, by a bunch of pretty average Midwest guys who were forced to rent one too many tuxedos for weddings. It sucks to pay so much for something you wear get to wear for one glorious, memorable weekend. The goal with SnapSuits is to deliver high quality custom suits, completely tailored to the look and feel that you desire. These suits will last beyond just one fun weekend or event: we hope they will last you a lifetime.