The 3 Differences between Off-The-Rack and Made-To-Measure Suits

, By: Ashley Cushon

Has your interest in suits been peaked lately? Well, we're here to help you learn a little more about suiting options, and understand why Made-to-Measure suits (like the ones we make here at Snap-Suits) offer you more bang for your buck!

Phrases such as "Off the Rack" and  "Made to Measure" should sound vaguely familiar if you've recently jumped on the suit band wagon. There are important differences between the two:

Off-The-Rack: OTR

More frequently categorized as Ready-to-Wear in the fashion world. These suits are mass produced - based off of standardized sizing and fall short in terms of quality and fit. 

Made-to-Measure: MTM

Made to Order. These suits are made from patterns that are altered to specific measurements - YOURS! For us who want a great suit, at a great price (minus the low cost, department store efficiency look) Made-to-Measure suits offer you the most affordable way to look like a million without spending a million.


1. Cut

OTR suits will never guarantee you a one stop shopping experience. You will most likely visit multiple stores before finding a suit that fits remotely like your actual size. These suits are made from specific patterns based off of a companies fit model (or a generalized size). 

Made to Measure suits cater specifically to your body. Rather than playing Russian Roulette with your size, MTM suits will omit the guessing game altogether and you're guaranteed a better fit.

Higher Armholes • Squared Shoulders

Slimmer Pants • Fitted Waist

2. Cost

It all comes down to money. The average OTR suit will be altered a minimum 2-3 times before having a decent fit. Adjustments are made after purchase, costing you more time, energy, effort and money in the long run. Overall, you are paying less for a suit but compensating in alteration costs.

With MTM suits, your measurements are taken at the time of purchase. Pre-cut patterns are then altered to the specifications of your body - saving you multiple visits to the tailor. The costs you save in alterations are well worth the 10 minute investment in getting to know your measurements.

3. Customization and Control

Let's face it, there are only so many black, navy or grey department store suits you can sift through before everything starts to look the same. OTR suits are pre-made from an exact design. This limits you in choice of fabrics, quality and details. Overall, you lose control of your options and you're left to work with what you get.

MTM suits allow you more room to you work with what you have. You can customize the fit and design of your suit to accent what works best for your body type. You also have access to a wider selection of fabrics, fits and construction details. With a broader range of options, you have a hand in creating a better quality suit that fits properly and looks great on you!


Here at Snap-Suits we guarantee that you will walk away feeling and looking awesome!