ALL TIED UP: The perfect way to get the best shirt and tie combos!

, By: Ashley Cushon

At times, Mens formal wear can feel a bit limiting in color and style. Well, that's what we're here for! Here's a simple guide that can help when it comes to styling the perfect shirt and tie combo to go along with your new Snap Suit!


Color says a lot about taste level and style. Remember when choosing a color, you are deciding the foundation of your look. Neutrals such as gray, beige, black or navy can go a long way as the anchor color. From there, your shirt, tie, pocket squares and other accessories function as accents to complete the look! Here are the 4 basic combos to remember when coordinating  by color:

color wheel - analogous

The Analogous look is all about staying in a specific color family. Choose two adjacent colors from the color wheel and match them together in fun textures and/or mini-prints for that chic appeal!


color wheel - complementary colors

The Complimentary Combo is all about color contrast. Using the color wheel, choose two colors that are opposite of each other and pair them together in a fun print or bold solids to add a pop of interest to your favorite suit!



color wheel - triad


Triad Combos are all about the power of 3. Whether pale or bold, using three triadic colors (equally spaced along the color wheel) in your ensemble will add vibrance and energy to your look. These color combos are more often seen in spring and summer but, if played right, can be rocked year-round!




Rocking the Monochromatic look is all about tonality: Try going with a lighter tone or darker shade for a sophisticated shirt and tie combo!

When coordinating prints, always remember that less is more! Here are a few helpful hints when creating printed pairs.

 When combining a patterned tie on top of a check shirt, we recommend going with a pattern that has a base color that compliments the color of the check. 



When combining a patterned tie on top of a stripe shirt, we recommend playing with the scale of the stripes. Generally the size of the base stripe in your tie will be much larger than the lines of your shirt. If going with a print, make sure the scale of the print varies so it doesn't match the stripe of your shirt.




When combining a patterned tie on top of a patterned shirt, we recommend going with a texture-like pattern that accents the colors in the shirt. This will add interest and look clean and stylish!


Tips for the road: 

• Mix and Match your patterns. Try spicing things up with a stripe shirt and polka dot tie. It's good to be a little ambitious, without overdoing it.

• Mix and Match the pattern scales. If putting together two patterns, generally the tie's pattern will scale bigger than that of the shirt. (I.E pin stripe shirt with large striped tie). Varying the scale will prevent clashing.

• Pull out the details. If your tie has a lot to offer in texture, print and color, make sure your shirt functions as an accent to really show it off! Pick a dominant color in the tie to play off of for your shirt, pocket square and accessory options!
    Following these simple rules is the easy way to rock your suit in style!