TOO MUCH? How To Accessorize When You SUIT UP!

, By: Ashley Cushon

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Have you ever caught yourself thinking, "As long as I got my suit and tie" you're all set for any occasion? Well, when it comes to formal wear, you have to start thinking less like a JT smash hit and more like your stepping out of Daniel Craig's closet. If the suit makes the man, the accessories make the suit. Paying attention to these details will always be your winning ace when deciding what cards to deal in getting dressed up to the nines! 

Don't take accessories with a grain of salt. Here's why they're important:
 • They help balance proportions and the overall ensemble.
 • They act as the finishing touch – that last bit of color or bling to complete the look.
 • They create points of interest to attract the eye toward the parts of your body that       are most appealing.
 • They minimize the amount of effort it takes to look stylish and maximize your wardrobe.

    Remember accessories are not meant to dominate the look but accent key points.  In the end, investing a little time in coordinating will set you apart and make your wardobe feel more like a work of art. Here are the 7 Accessories that every man should have.



    To me every business man needs a brief case and when I am one I will carry a brief case around.

    Think of your bag as an extension of your presentation. Not only will investing in a beautiful, clean-line messenger bag keep you organized but will also keep you neat. Opt for a short handle or thin strap cross-body bag in place of the backpack or your old wide strap messenger to prevent wrinkling and tone down recent grad look. 

    6. WATCH

    When it comes to hand accessories, men tend to keep it minimal. However, your watch will probably be one of your greatest investments! Not only does having a great timepiece add elegance and class to your look, it also becomes as essential as your tie – adding visual value to your suit.


    Belts are simplistic accessories but they are a great way to add to the cleanliness of your look. If you have a wider mid-frame, opt for suspenders to add vertical lines that will visually narrow and lengthen your torso.


    Pockets squares are the best way to add that perfect pop to your suit. Although not always necessary, when used, pocket squares are the perfect way to sophisticate your look.


    Cuff links are some of the most underestimated suit accessory in terms of their value and impact. A pair of great cuff links will cross the T on your suit. Customize your cuff links to show a little bit of your own creativity and  personality.

    2. SOCKS

    Socks function as a subtle accent, but play a major role in the cleanliness of your ensemble. A stylish pair of socks can refine your look and define your style. The wrong pair of socks can break the entire ensemble. Always start with your basic neutrals (black; brown; gray; navy) when buying your dress socks. When venturing into prints and colors, be sure to coordinate with the other key points of your look (i.e shirt color; pocket square color; print of your tie; etc).

    1. SHOES

    Your shoes are the foundation of your suit. The wrong choice in footwear can hinder the full potential of your entire business/formal wardrobe. There are many styles of shoes for your different occasions (oxfords; brogues; monkstraps; wingtips; etc). Though your shoes can't say exactly where you're going, how much it costs to get in and the company you'll be with – the right pair of shoes will have you looking like you're ready for the red carpet. 


    Tips for the road:

    • Match your suit style to your shoe style: Slim fit suit = Slim cut shoe; Big Man in a Big suit = Chunkier soled shoe.  

    • Although cufflinks are a great form of self expression in your suit styling, be sure to stay tasteful not tacky. 

    • Pocket squares are not generally worn in a business environment, but more so at social events. If one is worn for a business meeting or conference, skew towards simplistic and subtle (basic solid color to match shirt).

    • For a business setting, your socks should flow seamlessly with your pants (i.e grey suit, charcoal grey socks etc). Bright colors and patterned socks are more informal. If wearing a patterned sock in a business setting, opt for a discreet houndstooth, tweed or herringbone.