Smart Casual: The New Dress Code

, By: Eric A

Maybe you just got that new job you applied for, or maybe you just got a table at that new restaurant that everyone can't wait to try. Whatever it is, you're supposed to show up in "Smart Casual" attire, and you're not sure what that means.

Smart casual can be really confusing because it can take on a different meaning in every context. The best way to think of smart casual is being more stylish than normal. For work, wear something more stylish than business casual, and for fun, wear something more stylish than a casual outfit.

Tips for dressing "smart casual"
  • Skip the baggy polo. Instead, wear a fitted button down shirt that can be worn with or without a tie. 
  • Replace the tie with a pocket square. Check out this useful guide.
  • If it's for work, wear nicer slacks or chinos with flat fronts. If it's for fun, wear dark, slim-fit, high-quality denim jeans. Smart casual isn't about the type of pants you wear so much as the quality of pants you wear. 
  • Add a navy blazer if you're wearing white or khaki pants or a tweed jacket if you're wearing darker pants. Make sure your jacket is fitted. 
  • The key to a great smart casual outfit is to wear colors and patterns that express your personality (whether that's more or less conservative), not to make a fashion statement. If you want to give off a confident, open vibe, try a gingham shirt with an open collar. If you'd rather have a classier, more mature look, try layering a white shirt with a brown cashmere sweater.
Here's an example of smart casual.
Snapsuits - smart casual example
This is a great “smart casual” outfit for the weekend.
What you need for this outfit
  1. Brown boots - Clarks or Chelsea boots are both great options.
  2. Dark jeans - We recommend Levi’s 511s or J Brand.
  3. White shirt - Check out our website for modern, custom fitted shirts.
  4. Tweed jacket- Try a jacket with elbow patches for an even more modern look.
  5. Light brown belt - Make sure to get a stitched belt with high quality leather. It will last for years.
  6. Brown/khaki argyle socks - You can go for something more colorful if you’re feeling bold.
Follow the Snapsuits Style Guide for more style advice!