Tales from The Sales Guy

, By: Roger Burnett

Work is what most people do with the lions-share of their waking hours, it’s only human to want the time invested to be rewarding. 

People want a meaningful relationship with their employer, but it almost never happens. Someone describing their current employment as “it’s a job” is typically expressing that lack of fulfillment due to the absence of a meaningful relationship.

When pent-up demand for engaged relationships is so high, where’s the disconnect?

It appears most employers approach a new hire by looking at the job and how best to get it done instead of looking at the people they might hire and how those people may or may not contribute to the growth of their business. On the flip-side, prospective employees are frequently afraid to talk about anything other than the basics of a new job (the pay, the benefits, the hours, etc) when deciding what next to do with their careers for fear of being eliminated from the race for the job. We consciously avoid that disconnect with our team -- The Red Tie Society.

SnapSuits humanizes e-commerce.

The Team, The Team, The Team

SnapSuits.com is a men's clothing company home to the $250 custom suit, delivered in 14 days. As a technology company focused on solving problems elegantly, we pursue innovation in making the on-line suit buying experience memorable. That being said, the human element is essential to our success as we approach the crowded e-commerce marketplace. By providing an assurance of actual people waiting on the other side of the screen to help our guests have that best experience possible, we separate ourselves in a tangible and meaningful way. 

Because the people aspect of our business is super-important, it’s vital to approach this phase of growth for the self-titled Red Tie Society with a healthy eye on culture. As we set out to grow our sales team, we want to bring together the right mix of people to have a hand in the development and execution of The Playbook (our Manual). If you’ve ever wanted the chance to be a part of the shaping a brand, you’ve found it.

Specifically, you’ll be serving as Brand Ambassadors for SnapSuits, representing the Brand in your day-to-day activities. The more visible you already are the better. If you have social reach, you're immediately +1, PR-capable? +3. If your reach is specific to blogging, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube, we should speak right away.

By providing the assurance of actual people waiting on the other side of the screen to help our guests have that best experience possible, we separate ourselves in the marketplace in a tangible and meaningful way. 

We prefer to hire in tandems. These Dynamic Duos (Our Teams) should be people attracted to the idea of working closely with someone with which you have an existing relationship. We find people work best with people they really like to work with, so why not start right there? If you follow The Playbook, expect to make $750 each for 6 – 8 hours of work in a weekend.

There are some direct responsibilities with the role as well, mostly attending weekend wedding shows in your local market, attending periodic Regional events and potentially a once annually National meeting.

We have a specific vision for these Ambassadors. Do you have what it takes?

We’re in search of #ExcellentHumanBeings

  1. Folks that look at life with an abundance viewpoint and seek an individualized path toward success.
  2. List-Makers/Goal-Setters
  3. Go-Givers/Coaches/Teachers/Mentors/Volunteers
  4. Competitors/Challengers/Questioners
  5. Fashion/Weddings/Art/Culture/Tech/Disruption/Marketing

(see what I just did up there?)

We’ll develop a market-specific approach to your engagement tailored to each Duo and their unique situation. We have built JUST FOR YOU REWARDS to reward you for selling product in your day-to-day activities, and we’ll determine how best to take advantage of your reach.

First Wave target markets include: (Hyperlinks to the jobs provided below)

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