About Us

Have you ever wondered why suits are so expensive?

How did SnapSuits get started?

SnapSuits was born out of necessity by a bunch of Midwest guys forced to rent one too many tuxedos for weddings. After dealing with all of the issues stemming from the rental process during Ryan’s wedding (and so many friends), the two brothers said enough is enough -- and set out to change the way men shop for formal wear forever.

SnapSuits launched to make the wedding suit purchasing process simple, affordable, and customizable for grooms and groomsmen. When it comes to weddings, it's frustrating to pay so much to wear a suit/tuxedo that never fits right for only one glorious night. We want to empower grooms and groomsmen to #NeverRentAgain. 

We built this company specifically to solve all of the common issues associated with wedding rentals. Just ask us how we do it! Our clothing will last way beyond just one fun weekend or event: we hope it will last you a lifetime.

We provide high-quality customizable suits in 14 days, completely tailored to the look and feel you desire, for only $250. Don’t see what you're looking for? Email us pictures of what you’re looking for to [email protected] to get customizable quote of your dream suit.

Executive Team

Ryan Leahy

CEO & Co-founder

Drew Leahy

CTO & Co-founder


Pablo Lastra

VP of Design

Terrence Henderson

Technical Designer


Roger Burnett

Head of Sales

Rianna Cohen


Delano Tavares


Paty Benitez


Mike Danzis

Customer Service


Juan Andres Yepes N.

Lead Frontend Engineer

Guillermo Alvarez

Senior Backend Engineer

Anwar Mattar

Junior Frontend Engineer


Shawn Blanchard

Style Advisor

Traci Inglis

Marketing Advisor

We’re hiring

SnapSuits is looking for talented individuals across many departments. Check out our listings below, and apply to join the team! #NeverRentAgain