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Have you ever wondered why suits are so expensive?

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for SnapSuits to deliver? Can I get it faster?
Guaranteed 14 day delivery to anywhere in the U.S. Need it sooner? Click the expedited shipping option at checkout to get your suit even faster (9-10 days).
How is SnapSuits so cheap? I literally can’t even comprehend.
Standard mark up in the clothing industry is typically 300-400%. Have you seen Tommy Hilfiger’s house? We have cut out the expensive over-head, so we can pass the savings on to you.
How long in advance do I have to start my placing my wedding orders?
While we can ship and deliver a suit in just 14 days, SnapSuits requires that you place your orders for the big day 2 months in advance of the wedding. This way all your product arrives 6 weeks in advance of the wedding just in case we need to solve any minor fit issues we have plenty of time without stressing anyone out and making sure everyone has a perfect fit for your big day.
Where is SnapSuits located?
SnapSuits has its headquarters in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, but has employees spread throughout the country (and the world) to help you! If you are in the area, we are located at 301 Brookstown Ave Suite 500 Winston-Salem NC 27101
My suit doesn’t fit what do I do?
It is common for your first custom suit from a new company to need some slight tune ups. If your suit doesn’t fit perfect, take it to your local tailor. SnapSuits has a $50 tailoring credit to make sure it fits right -- just have the tailor complete the Alterations Form with the changes they made to the garments. Take a picture of the receipt from the tailors, and the completed form for reimbursement. We will update your measurements file. That way, we can make the same, perfect fitting garments every time.

If it cannot be tailored, have the tailor fill out the Alterations Form with what changes need to be made so we can update the measurements we have on file for you to the correct ones, and we will make you a new suit.

Will you send me a swatch so I can make a suit for a wedding I am in?
Yes. Check out our swatch request program, fill out the requested information, and we will send swatches to your home.
Do you sell shoes, ties, pocket squares, or belts?
We can make pocket squares to match any of the linings of our suits/tuxedos. However, we cannot make shoes, ties, or belts. If you are looking for a better selection of ties & pocket squares, we would suggest checking out our partners They have incredible quality, selection, and price!
I love SnapSuits, is there anything I can do to help?
Tell your friends! Whether they need one suit, or a whole groomsmen party, we appreciate your referral. Ask us about our rewards program!