Our Quality

Have you ever wondered why suits are so expensive?

We did too. Turns out, they don’t have to be. Brick and mortar brands make suits for very little, in poor working conditions, mark up suits over 300%, and send hundreds emails for “50% off sales” or  “Buy 3 for the price of 1” to get you to come into their stores.

No cheesy sales tactics. Our suits are always $250.

Hand Made Construction

Look inside our suits to see for yourself – from hand stitching, workable sleeve buttons, and gorgeous linings – the quality and care in our construction is obvious. Once you go custom with us, you won’t go back.

Premium Fabrics

Never pay extra for less function. Our wool blends create incredible suits that are long lasting, breathable, and soft. The blend offers stretch and wrinkle resistance to keep you looking your best all the time.

Completely Customizable

Design the suit of your dreams. Personalize every detail to your style by choosing lapel styles, pockets, vents, colored stitching accents and pick stitching, or add a personalized touch with your name monogrammed inside your suit.  The possibilities and combinations are endless. (Ok, not endless but 895 BILLION and growing is a lot of possibilities)

Made to 12 Unique Measurements

No two suits should ever be the same size; unless they are suits in your closet. We create each custom suit to 12 unique measurements that fit your body; not 100,000+ other guys that kinda look like you. The difference is obvious, right out of the box.

Fast Delivered in 14 days

We guarantee 14 day delivery, anywhere in the US. Want it faster? Click expedited shipping on checkout to receive your suit even sooner.

Our 100% Worry Free Guarantee

Your satisfaction is our top priority. Should your suit require fit adjustments, take the suit into a tailoring service near you to receive an alteration credit of up to $50 per suit. On the rare occasion your suit cannot be altered, we will pay the return shipping and remake the suit for you. When we say worry free. We really mean worry free.